118th Annual Botsford Family Reunion

in conjunction with the

41st Annual Platt Family Reunion

 Saturday, July 16th, 2022

(All times are Eastern Daylight Time)

(Depending on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, all events may be virtual.)

9:00am Botsford Family Reunion Welcome -President Steven Botsford (5 minutes)
9:05am Platt Family Reunion Welcome - President Dick Platt (5 minutes)
9:15am Virtual Tour of Botsford Homestead - Noelle Johnson (15 minutes)
9:35am Virtual Tour of Milford Connecticut - Dick Platt, Retired Town Historian (1 hour)
10:35am-12:30pm Lunch Break
12:30pm Platt Family Annual Meeting - Dick Platt (45 Minutes)
1:15pm Botsford Family Annual Meeting - Steven Botsford (45 Minutes)
2:00pm-2:15pm 15 Minute Break
2:15pm Speaker: Christopher Wigren, Deputy Director, Connecticut Preservation and author of Connecticut Architecture: Stories of 100 Places
3:00pm-3:15pm 15 Minute Break
3:15pm Botsford Brag Kitty
4:00om Closing Statements - Platt Family
4:05pm Closing Statements - Botsford Family
4:10pm Done!

Request a Zoom Invitation by emailing botsfordplatt2021@gmail.com

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